Ediscovery Buyer Guide 2019

This buyers guide is designed to serve as a vendor evaluation blueprint, providing a list of probing questions and "pro tips" to help guide the process of selecting an ediscovery solution. Although there are many solutions for document review, conducting a thorough vendor evaluations requires considering numerous questions, highlighted in this guide.

Predictive Coding in eDisclosure [UK]

Linear, human-powered review was the gold standard in eDisclosure, particularly when the volume of a document collection was small. With document counts now rising into the millions, it's increasingly impractical. This paper explores English case law on predictive coding and provides an overview of how to efficiently conduct eDisclosure on Everlaw.

Choosing the Best Solution for Efficient Doc Review

Data is growing at an exponential rate, creating a big, expensive problem for litigators and internal investigators who are tasked with mining through an increasingly massive mountain of documents. This paper explores the challenges of document review, the ways that technology can help, and what to consider when choosing a new solution.

A Critical Evaluation of Ediscovery Vendors

Asking the right questions during a vendor evaluation can make or break the relationship. In this paper, go beyond a comparison of individual features and learn the five hard questions everyone should ask ediscovery vendors before making a decision.

Illuminating Dark Data with Everlaw

Dark data is electronic information within an organization that is not easily searchable or accessible. It's often unstructured, unclassified, and/or unmanaged by information governance—and can lead to problems during ediscovery. This paper explores how Everlaw can expose the hidden details of dark data at scale.

Put FRE 502 Clawbacks into Action with Everlaw

In the U.S., Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE) 502 has been available to protect against the inadvertent waiver of privilege in discovery. The protections that FRE 502 offers were long sought by lawyers and hailed by experts. Learn more about how Everlaw provides a better option for identifying and correcting privilege problems.

Next-Level Early
Case Assessment

Studies have suggested that data volumes worldwide are doubling every two years. Without a way to reduce the incoming data volumes within ediscovery, costs will spiral out of control. Find out how early case assessment (ECA) can play a critical role in reducing data volumes.

Conducting Privilege Review with Everlaw

Confidential communications are a cornerstone of the legal system and no attorney wants to inadvertently produce privileged information. In discovery, it's imperative to identify potential privileges or confidential information in a case at the start of document review, else privileged material can be inadvertently produced. Learn more about privilege review on Everlaw.

Tactical Review with Predictive Coding

Predictive coding is frequently suggested as a way to empower attorneys to focus their time on the electronically stored information (ESI) that is most relevant to the claims and defenses of their case. How predictive coding actually works or how it can be used effectively in a case remains mysterious to some. This paper sheds light on the subject.