Predictive Coding

Speed up edisclosure by using the work you’ve already done to find other relevant documents. Our powerful predictive coding software analyzes your review activity to identify interesting documents, estimate how many documents you’ll need to review, and streamline preparations for production, depositions, or trial.

Software that Learns from You

Great Minds Think Alike
You know your case better than anyone else. That’s why we designed predictive coding software that learns from you. As you and your team rate documents, Everlaw continuously analyzes their text and metadata to predict how you’ll classify all the other documents that relate to your case.

A Quick Study
Get predictions as soon as you’ve reviewed 200 documents—and ongoing updates as your review proceeds. You can also build custom prediction models in a matter of minutes to focus on specific topics for depositions, hearings, or the next phase of review. It’s fast and easy.

Seamlessly Integrated
Stay productive (and avoid a bunch of clicking around) by moving directly between our predictions and your docs.


Actionable Insights

Focus on the Right Docs
Separate the wheat from the chaff to keep your efforts where they’ll have the biggest impact. Our predictive coding system uses simple visualizations to show which documents are relevant and point out where to direct your efforts next.

You Make the Rules
You can use any pair of coding classifications to determine relevance. You can also filter and search within sets of relevant documents to narrow your focus.

Get Suggestions
Our prediction engine shows you its level of confidence, then guides you through actions you can take to improve the accuracy of its predictions.

Enjoy fast instant visual search.

Predictive Coding is Just the Start

Comprehensive Edisclosure
Our cloud-based software makes all facets of document review simple. Predictive coding is one powerful feature, but we also power your edisclosure with:

  • Fast uploads
  • Easy, blink-speed search
  • Convenient collaboration
  • Intuitive case outlines
  • Customized productions

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Simplify your edisclosure with powerful predictive coding and dozens of other features.

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